Our Terms are 2 way..

We Agree that...
YOU own and retain rights of anything you upload to this website and can remove ALL YOUR DATA anytime but agree to allow our members to view and benefit from it while it is on our networks.
We won't share your account information with anyone other than our company.
You will be informed beforehand if you are about to share your informatin with third parties on our website.

You Agree that...
We retain rights to remove anything or any user we deem as harmful to members or our communities.
You agree not to post or use defamation, swearing, bullying or basicly anything bad for kids and humans.
We reserve the right to amend our Terms at any point without notice as we are small and can't afford expensive lawyers.
You agree to trust us not to abuse our right to change our terms.
You agree this site is self regulating (ie regulated by members) and if your profile disappears or becomes inactive it's something you said or did that our members collectively deemed innapropriate for a responsible social network. You are free however, to create another profile and start over but continuous blocking by our members may be deemed by us as reason to permanently block and/or remove your account and content.
You agree not to hold us, our companies or directors responsible for any damages or negative occurances that happen to you as a result of you using this website, or sue the same for any reason (as you understand we are very limited in our resources, finances and staff and therefore the speed at which we can manage large amounts of content quickly and remove questionable content, or fix bugs or privacey issues) - but that you agree to simply let us know if you come across material that is questionable or defamatory to either you or anyone else and give us time to deal with it or remove it or rectify any problem relating to privacey or copyright issues etc - pls let us know first asap and give us a chance to rectify the problem.
You agree not to post pointless stuff - no use to man or dog. Please help to make this site really useful and enlightening.
We may show a profile 'stubb' containing your name and selected info that we deem does not compromise your security but enables old friends and family to connect with you via this site.
You don't promote any service that you know is useless, unreliable, doesn't give value for money or is not committed to providing a great service.
You agree to abide by our belief in freedom to express opinion and belief (but not necessarily freedom to say anything as is commonly helpd today) - that is the freedom to express opinion through learning, history and experience, but NOT the freedom to assert that something IS provably factual beyond any doubt since this is always an impossibity. This would include defamatory language and the like eg. saying "someone has commited x act" and would need to be replaced by "I (or "it is thought") believe someone has commited x". In other words, we do not allow the freedom to be defamatory - only to express ones opinion. Any users users or content deemed as such will be removed when brought to our attention.
You agree to tell your friends that there is a site out there that cares about its members and the community at large!

Thank you - we hope you love this website, our members and services and help us build a great and trusted resource that support you, us and people who can' t support themselves!