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Many social networking websites and co-operative services allow you to create frienship groups and special interest groups online as well as create, advertise and post social events, parties and many many more features. The home of the best social neworking sites and top coop banking services! Are you looking for the best sites and services to meet school friends, work buddies, army pals and hook up with people you havnt seen for years or decades? Whatever happened to that girl in your class you always liked and how did Johnny whathisface get on with that scholarship he won. What happened to Jessica P and who did James marry in the end? Well - check out the social networking sites, co-op social banking services and fair trading social networking sites and services we have listed here and your bound to be able to find pals and buddies you once knew at school, find social banking networks, work, in the army, on patrol, in the RAF, in your swimming club, find the best cooperative banks and online social bank services, your long lost cousin from spain or anyone you would like to get in contact again with. Some sociao networks allow you to earn money or cash for credits too. Virtually all allow you to create multiple photo albums to share with your friends, share videos with your mates, compare stories, write essays, help each other with coursework, get advice and some even allow you to develop sections of the website yourself for your own spacific requirements and fun!

The Best Social Netwotking Sites (not in order)

Goal and Dreams; Tagging 1007433 Open
Free Software, Open Source developers 11000 Open
Chechens 3500 Open
European jet set and social elite 150000 Invite-only
African-Americans 16000000 Open
Link sharing 80000 Open
Video sharing and webcam chat 26000000 Open
Music and pop-culture 500000 Open
Car enthusiasts 1600000 Open
Green living and activism 7151375 Open
School, college, work and the military 40000000 Open
Hospitality 0281000 Open
Young South Koreans 15000000 Open
Collective narratives or "shared biographies" -1.1000000 Open
"Dark" blogs, based on LiveJournal 490310 By invite or payment
Mobile location-based service, owned by Google -1.1000000 Open
Clubbing (primarily UK) 235000 Open
Careers 173000 Invite-only
Business 100000 Open
Teens 4400000 Open
Started for colleges, then high schools, and now everyone. 34000000 Open
British teens and 20-somethings 5900000 Open to people 16 and older.
Photo sharing 4000000 Open (Yahoo!)
Flirting/Dating 265000 Open to people 18 older.
Photo sharing 1000000 Open
Photoblogging 9000000 Open
School, college, work, sport and streets 12000000 Open
General 47000000 Open
General 11600 Open
Anime and Games 7000000 Open
Families, genealogy 100000 Open
School, college, and work 650000 Open
Poland 1000000 Invite-only
General 50000000 Open
General Dutch social networking website. 3266581 Open
Instant messaging -1.1000000 Open
United States NASCAR fans 36000 Open
Finland 400000 Open
Hungary 1500000 Invite-only
Update friends with your status through SMS, IM -1.1000000 Open
Football (soccer) -1.1000000 Open
Music 15000000 Open
Book lovers 214425 Open
Business 12000000 Open
Blogging 12900000 Open
Sweden 1200000 Open
General 72000 Open
General 2000000 Open
Latinos 3600000 Open
Japan 9830000 Invite-only
Music -1.1000000 Open
"Real world" relationships 5000000 Open
General (blogs, photo albums, forums, groups, etc.) 834753 Open
General 192000000 Open
General 950000 Open
Formerly known as Facebox. 22482536 Open
Canada 1019372 Open
Dating -1.1000000 Open
Owned by Google 57431788 Open (Google)
Gay -1.1000000 Open
General 4700000 Open
Teenagers, Canadians, photo sharing 10000000 Open
Swedish teenagers 530000 Open
Mobile social network, location, worldwide 70000 Open
British teens 100000 Open
moblog for websites, files, and short updates -1.1000000 Invite-only
Consumer ratings + social networking -1.1000000 Open
Locating friends and family, keeping in touch 28000000 Open
Business 250000 Open
Social Search + Social Networking ( hybrid ) -1.1000000 Open
American high schools 500000 Open
Started for colleges, then high schools, and now everyone. 20000 Open only to reg users
Online community for book lovers -1.1000000 Open
Web 2.0 based music community 1500000 Open
Recreational Sports 18000 Open
University students, mostly in the German-speaking countries 2400000 Open
Websurfing 2750000 Open
General (tagging) 1850692 Open
Social action 145000 Open
Cartoon dolls and dress up games 2500000 Open
Teens and colleges 800000 Open
Custom T-shirts 364474 Open
Travel 760000 Open
Travel 105000 Open
General 602876 Open
Update friends with your status through SMS, IM, web interfaces -1.1000000 Open
Blogging -1.1000000 Open
Travel Lifestyle 8000000 Open to people 18 older
Genealogy Biography -1.1000000 Open
Blogging (formerly MSN Spaces) 120000000 Open
travel photography 20000 Open
Blogs and "metro" areas 40000000 Open
Business 2000000 Open
Colleges 1000000 Open
Linked to Yahoo! IDs 4700000 Open to people 18 older
United States adults -1.1000000 Open
Universal Photo Sharing -1.1000000 Open

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