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What's the latest trend in social networking?.. probably after the global credit crunch and families and businesses having a multitude of unforseen (not by all) problems - most social networks will soon be jumping on the 'socially aware/responsibility' theme just like they did with the 'Green' one. Of course - 99% of these sites and services couldn't care what's really going on so long as numbers are up and the $'s are rolling in.

Interestingly - the only revenue model most social networks have come up with is the 'free' one - which unfortunately for the users, means the social networking companies have to cling on to your data (search, general personal info, photos, browsing habits etc etc) with all their might (just read their terms to see what you 'dont' own and how you cant delete your data once it's on their servers) as it's all they have to make money from - not exactly socally responsible and often done in the name of 'connecting people'. Well - we looked all over the web and came up with the following sites and services that do actually genunely appear to care - see what you think and let us know if you know of any real social networks that are really - genunely - honestly socially responsible in the way they conduct their busness.

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