Social Networks That Pay You Money To Use Them

Is there such a such a thing as a social network that will pay you money to use it, or scocial networking sites that allow you to earn cash for activity on the website or simply for just using them? Are there any sites out there that pay you real money to use them? Well in fact the answer is yes there are some and there are more appearing all the time - but how much money you can make and if it is worth using these sites that promise to help you earn cash and collect royalties simply by using them is another question. The fact is money doesnt grow on trees so there is normally some kind of 'work' involved when a website says you can earn money by using it.

What does it mean when a site says it will pay you?
Generally it means you will have to do something to get the cash - earning money on websites normally involves writing or viewing articles, blogs, uploading or viewing videos containking adverts, sharing information generally and encouraging others to use the Internet site or service. Some examples of websites that pay you to use them are:

Social Networking Sites That Pay You
"A social networking review site which pays gives corresponding points to members� bookmarked news, videos, pictures and websites. Think of it as that pays. Points gained by members can be redeemed for cash. If you are into bookmarking, might as well earn from doing it."

"Unlike Yuwie, Friendswin have a more complicated way of paying its members, more specifically its pioneering members or what it calls as IMRs. I signed up for Friendswin when it was still in beta mode and has not launched. There were several online seminar calls during those times but I never really understood what it�s all about. Friendswin has finally launched and it seems to be a pretty solid social networking site".�
"is the winning community that is a 100% free �that helps you to create your own page and ! In conformity with our mission, strongly believes that the profit of this website that is generated by advertising should be shared to all �of the community. The profit should be shared with members, because websites are doing big profits by advertising and the big work is done by actually the members! A member will win money when you invite friends to join, write blog, add photos, videos and , add content to your webspace, and of course view other member pages. Join and let"s make money together! Each member will win depending on how much profit our website has generated, and of course how many points the user has earned. How do you go about making money with Firstly by referring people to use and secondly generate as many page views as possible. The amount of money a member will get depends on how many points he got and the gains of the" - get paid as you socialise �
"Budiz is probably the best social networking site that can pay you to use it. It takes many ideas that have been around for a long time and then gives it an amazing twist and adds a whole heap of incredible features - putts them all in one far better site. What's great about budiz is that these people are not out to make money for themselves! This must be a first with online social networks and the big players - they actually give away ALL their profits to causes and their members - this is in a league of its own when it comes to websites that pay you cash to use them."

"Offers 100% ad revenue sharing to members who have Google Adsense account. If you are an existing Adsense publisher, you can earn money by creating contents in Flixya".

Blogs Sites That Pay You
"We connect you with advertisers that are interested in sponsoring your blog, you post to your blog and get paid! Now you have a way to make Guaranteed Money for posts to your blog! No Kidding! Join this exciting new program and get your first order after your blog is reviewed! How does it work? We connect you with advertisers that are interested in sponsoring your blog, you post to your blog and get paid! "
"Anyone can start using CREAMaid by inserting a CREAMaid Conversation widget inside her post. Your post will most likely be selected as long as you abide by these rules. Once selected, your post will be syndicated to all the participating posts through their embedded Conversation widgets. When your post is selected, you will be able to instantly collect a royalty
for your contribution."
"Every day, our diverse community shares on everything from politics to parenting advice, to the environment and more. You�ll find Helium rich with quality content, different points of view and expert insight. Whether you are doing research or discovering something new, looking for pet care advice or learning how to fly-fish, Helium is your one-stop shop to read what you need. Do you know home remedies to cure a cold, how to home school a child, or the best places to dine in your home town? Share your expertise! When you write at Helium, you help inform millions and build your portfolio".
"If your blog and interests are aligned with an advertiser�s campaign then you can do your own research and write about them in exchange for pay�not in exchange for a pre-determined outcome but for a fair assessment".