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Budiz seeks to bring you and help you find the best special interest, hobby networks and socially aware websites and services that operate with a social conscience or at the very least operate with strong principles in terms of the way they treat customers, employees and the world around them. This is a first on the internet - an interest and hobbies site that genuinely cares about its users safety and privacy rather than one that poses to do so whilst quietly selling off user data and information for $! Budiz main goal is also that it seeks to bring you the best deals and services on the web and locally with its 'Trusted Sites & Services". Budiz is a 'safe' social network in that it doesn't keep your information after you've removed it and aims to protect its users and keeps the sensitive parts of your ID safe.

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The Social Network with a Social Conscience

More about Budiz social network. We hope you like our new service where you can meet new friends and old friends alike! Budiz has been designed from the ground up to help and serve people who cant help themselves and does everything possible to enable its members to do the same - we hope you'll love our vision to change the world and support us by joining now and telling your friends about us!

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Budiz 2005 - putting "people before profit" - "social networking for social changeâ„¢!" - "social networking for social justiceâ„¢" - a social networking website with a social conscienceâ„¢. Budiz - the social network site with a social conscienceâ„¢.