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The height of the 'Green' buzz has probably comeand gone and with the current financial global crises has also taken somewhat of a back seat and slipped out of view temporarily I'm sure. I say this as I'm sure that once the counrties that can regain their financial stability do (and there's no guarantee that previously stable economies will be able to regain stable economies) - Im sure there will be a resurgence in 'Green' activists and 'green' interest as we slowly begin to realise the implications and effects - not just financial - that years of affluent and carefree living have had, and will take a very serious and in some cases deadly toll on plants, wildlife and humans - not to mention the planet as a whole.

Below you'll find a list of some of the top 'Green social networks' and best green social networking community sites we found - feel free to contact us if you feel we should include a site you know about as many are burried in the websphere!

Green Social Network Sites & Services


  • At Greenwala our goal is to provide a destination where people can learn to be green, brag about being green and even gain rewards for being green. We are a group of founders who grew tired of all the negativity surrounding environmental issues. People want to know how they can help and they do not have to live off the grid in order to make a difference! We launched Greenwala to provide the best online experience and make it fun in the process. Like you, we love this planet and don�t want to spend $6 a gallon on gasoline either.

  • Top 10 Green Social Networks and Online Green Communities

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