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There are many, many hobby and interest based social networking sites on the web today - some of which have a much more greater emphasis and focus on specific special interests than others, while others have a broader hobby and interest range. Budiz seeks to fullfil the later description and has many hundreds of specialist and special interest fan groups and enthusiast firndships and networks. You can even start your own hobby networks and fan bases if you are an artist, entertainer, bbusiness, product or even brands can signup and have a full presence on this hobby network and topic based site.

As well as sites like myspace that are largely musicly based interests, bands and groups and face book - that has its focus on your existing friends networks, there are a growing number of sites where quality of new and old friendships matters more than the facebook social network model of 'more is better' - where one feels quite inadequate if one only has a mere 200 'friends' while your school friends has rocketed into the 'friendship and popularity' stratoshpere with a whopping 1000 friends! No - this website is all about caring for people genuinely and encourages real community as it was in the 'old days' when people were much less wealthy - but in many ways - spiritually for sure - were far happier than people are nowadays, where we are all, most of us at least - weighed down by all kinds of unecessary insecurities brought on by a media that actively encourages our present 'must have now' society. Join the budiz community and find out and rediscover what real community is all about:)

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