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Are you looking to find an interest or hobby? Are you wanting to try something different that you havn't tried before?.. Budiz (pronounced 'buddies' social networking site) special interest and hobby networks is designed to help you find a new hobby and try different things, hobbies, crafts, sports and activities as well as meet interacting people that share these interests with you locally. The site also has hobby and interest related places and services, images and videos that fans and enthusiasts can share with each other as well as learn and ask questions about the many different interests.

There are tonnes of hobbies and special interest social networks, social groups, friends get togethers and meetups and hobby communities where you can meet like minded hobby fans buddies on our hobby social networks and fan networks. Find regional friends that like the interests and activities that you like - find meetup groups based around the hobbies and interests you like or perhaps you would like to try.

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