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What does 'Ethical' actually mean?

Dictionary - ethical - adjective

a. - Of, or belonging to, morals; treating of the moral feelings or duties; containing percepts of morality; moral; as, ethic discourses or epistles; an ethical system; ethical philosophy.

2. pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong in conduct.
4. being in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice, esp. the standards of a profession: It was not considered ethical for physicians to advertise.
4. (of drugs) sold only upon medical prescription.


As the world becomes a smaller and smaller place each day, our interest in ethics and in ethically run businesses, finance and repsonsible business practice, services, manufacturing and politics on and off the web is becoming a more important issue every day. With consumerism, maufacturing and the Internet increasing at a massive rate, ethics takes a higher and higher priority as we have access to more information regarding the good or bad treatment of people groups, workers, countries at large and the planet itself, animals and nature as well as having a good ethic towards our fellow human beings generally. Below you'll find a list of ethical articles, some of the top 'ethical' social networks, safe social networking sites and related articles we found on the web and feel free to let us know if you feel we should include an ethically based or focused website you know about and we'll try to add it here.

Ethical Social Network Sites & Services

  • Ethical buyer's guide to mobile phone networks

    We research the social and environmental records of companies. Download this ... There's now more choice for ethical consumers as networks have opened up.

  • Social Network Solves Ethical Dilemma

    Some of your company's competitors are not selling similar products to you, or selling to a similar market to you, but are hiring similar people with similar skills.

  • Ethical Publicity - Worldnews Network

    World News Network ... the Falling US Dollar - Powerful Strategies for the Ethical ... Social Distortion (Zach V)

  • Ethical and Strategic Issues in Organizational Social Network..

    10.1177/0021886303258111 ARTICLE THE JOURNAL OF APPLIED BEHAVIORAL SCIENCESeptember 2003 Borgatti, Molina / ETHICAL AND STRATEGIC ISSUES Ethical and Strategic Issues in ...

  • social, ethical and legal perspectives


  • Ethical Social Media Marketing

    Later this afternoon I will be speaking at Search Engine Marketing Expo on Ethical Social ... More importantly, social media marketing also implies that social networks, blogs and ...


    ethical careers ... Organise a Careers Fair | Join our Network | ... volunteer campaigners; New book for budding social entrepreneurs ; Free ethical ...

  • ethical dilemmas in social network

    Social Networks 27 (2005) 89-93 Editorial Introduction to special issue: ethical dilemmas in social network research Toward the beginning of the article that leads off this special ...

  • Toward ethical guidelines for network research in organizations

    Social Networks 27 (2005) 107-117 Toward ethical guidelines for network research in organizations StephenP. Borgatti a, ∗, Jos e-Luis Molina b , 1 a Department of Organization ...

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