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Cooperatve banks have been around for hundreds of years and work on the premise that its members are careful and responsible savers - rather than the kind of bankers that we have now days, mainly in debt and eager to spend everything to have and want everything now in oreder to keep up with their peers. This has largely come about through modern cultures ditching religious teachings which are hot on greed, the careful management of money and not living to impress your neighbours. The result is that we see many countries and citizens in more debt than ever before. On top of this the big modern banks are greedier than ever - always happy to give out loans to the vulnerable, invest in arms deals and exploit the poor.

Social banking may be an answer or at least a cry in the right direction but they are hardly likely to dent the big banks and economies and politicians who already have everyone mortgaged to the hilt and far too worried about survival to worry about ethical banking. But I belive there might soon be a big shift towards cooperative baking services once people really get to grips with the fact that someone needs to stand up and do something in the banking arena. Below are some of the big named 'ethical' banks and 'fair' banking services as well as fair trade social networks. You need to make up your own mind read the small print and policies to see if they are really what they claim to be - for instance - one of the largest 'ethical' banks has refused Christians that take a stance on homosexually because they dont agree with their views. This hardly seems ethical - at any rate - if we all did what they are doing then thet would be blocking freedom of views, speech and opinions - not ethical at all. Any how - check out what we found to be the best coop banks and top web coperative Internet banking services and online bank sites.

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