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I've been predicting the economic downturn (or more presicely a partial/near total collapse of England as a whole) for - well years actually - since 95'. I remember the laughs in the room I got when I announced that the UK was going to partially collapse (possibly later more completely due to pressure (and lack of help) from external countries), the USA would be in a very similar state by this time, the European Union would become a superstate - but that mainly via France and Germany would slowly but surely take away (and crucially undermine) all of the UK's own legistative authority (effectively taking back by stealth what it lost in WWII - though its focus would be on power not regaining lost pride) and that China (as we all know) will become the new superpower. That Europe would then rise up and challenge us (UK - my birthplace I call the 'yapping terrier') to stay 'in or out' (we're doomed both ways incidentally) and finally challenge the US.

It wasnt until around 2000 however that I got my my first real indications that something was really amiss - or about to happen with the UK and America. I wasn't thinking of banking at the time - more a huge moral and social decline. This surely had to lead to bad decisions being made at a governmental, local and personal level which in turn could not fal to effect the country as a whole. I simply predicted in my owm mind, that the UK was on a knife edge and that the USA would follow the same path (though we in the UK blame the US and 'global' markets but prudence and frugality mixed with carefully managed risk would have been wise and avoided both countries getting out of the crisis). So its happened - a heady combination of arrogance on the part of us as counrtries - that we are infallable - greed and unscrupulous money lending (especially to the niaive (in terms of fianances) public) in the banking sector and blindness on the part of the general public - hoodwinked and pressured into thinking that borrowed money is always the way to go and the 'norm' - if you dont own it - t dosnt matter - thats how moden economy works - not only that - everyones doiing it so it must be ok! But of course in the end - borrowed money always has to be paid back. But why worry about that if youve only 20-30-40 years left on the planet. The bosses simply said - let the futire generations clear up the mess - kidding themselves that their conscience was clear because after all - "nobody ever has to take a loan they cant afford".

So then, what are the banks and banking services that are responsible - socially aware, actually care about their customers and who they deal and trade with? Lets find out! Below you'll find a list of some of the best banking services that have - or claim to have a socially aware stance and business model we found - feel free to contact us if you feel we should include a socially aware banking site you know about as many are burried in the webshere!

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  • -- Chittenden Bank, the largest Vermont-based banking institution, provides their depositors with something different- socially conscious banking services that make a difference in their communities. "As one of the largest financial service providers in Vermont, we take our responsibility seriously," said Cynthia Gubb, Director of Community Development Services. "To be a partner in community development means helping our local towns and villages grow and prosper thoughtfully and responsibly."

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  • Corporate social responsibility is gradually working its way into the core of our business. For instance, 2007 was the first year in which we considered a number of CSR aspects in many of our lending decisions. Rather than to tell our customers off, we do this to identify risks and opportunities inherent in larger credit facilities and transactions. In addition, we substantially extended our range of sustainable investment products and developed innovative products such as the Dutch credit card with climate compensation. We also took action to exclude dubious companies from our pension fund�s investments and are taking steps towards achieving carbon-neutral business operations.

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  • The goal of Chittenden Bank's Socially Responsible Banking Program is to facilitate and initiate positive change in our local communities. To achieve this goal, we are building on the premise that your financial goals and social concerns can be combined effectively through a caring financial service provider like Chittenden Bank. Follow the link to learn more about Socially Responsible Banking.

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