What is Budiz?

Friends, Special Interests & Hobbies!

Budiz (pronounced 'buddies') lets you join hobby and special interest channels, meet new friends and socialize with people who are interested in the things you like! Watch interest based videos, ask questions and add your own news, answers and comments. At budiz - it's quality - not quantity of friends that matters:)

Safety & Security
Budiz is unlike any other site when it comes to privacy. We NEVER sell your ID, search data or collect data on you externally**. You control what people see and we even help you stay protected online. Budiz is family safe - if you see something questionable - let us know and we'll act!

A Social Network with a Social ConscienceTM
Budiz puts people before profit. That means - we don't allow anything and everything in the name of 'free speech' (although allowing anything would actually be a simple way to triple profits by having more content). We share our profits with people who can't help themselves.

we try to promote services, retailers and organisations we feel reflect our own values in terms of service, trading ethics and accountability to customer, employees and associates.
Our 'Terms' give you the control. You are not our property. Other 'FREE' sites' Terms allow them collect and sell your info (from internal and external sources) and don't erase your data when you leave. Instead of profiting from invading your privacy - we choose instead to charge for some services to pay for our service. We NEVER sell your info and when you leave, your info is deleted!

Look after people in need simply by using the site!

Channels let you create and contribute to special interest groups!